Add Potato Chips to 7-Layer Bars for a Savory-Sweet Treat

If you’ve been to lunch in the past, you’ve come across a five- or seven-layer bar, a magical confection of crunchy sweets stacked on top of each other and sealed with sweetened condensed milk. They are good, but very sweet, and like everything else, they have potato chips added to them.

The video above will help you figure it out, but it’s really just a matter of swapping out a sweet base like Graham crackers for salty potato chips. You can refine your own bar recipe or use the one below. To make the base, combine 10 ounces (thin) potato chips in a food processor with 3 tablespoons flour. Add four tablespoons of ghee and beat until the chips are “evenly moist and finely chopped.” Squeeze into a baking dish, bake at 350F until slightly brown, then arrange remaining delicious layers according to whatever recipe you use.

This Magic Ingot contains a Truly Magic Ingredient | Epic


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