Add Delicate, Sexy Flavor to Food and Drink With Floral Water

Unless you’re a big fan of Turkish Delight or Ramos Gin Fizz , you probably haven’t had much experience with rose or orange blossom water. They are great for these two uses, but these flower elixirs can be used for pastries, fresh fruits, and cocktails.

The first thing you should know about flowering waters is that a little is very important. Too much orange blossom or rose water will result in an overly aromatic scent. A couple of drops are usually enough to impart significant flavor to the drink, and just a tablespoon of this substance gives a ton of flavor to baked goods.

Orange blossom water is the easiest to work with. Just add it to anything that goes well with citrus fruits. Rose water may take a little getting used to (click the link below for tons of ideas), but it works especially well with almonds, pistachios, honey, cream, and red berries. For a very light yet delicious dessert, add 3-4 drops to heavy cream before whipping. Spoon out fresh strawberries and sprinkle with grated chocolate and possibly pistachios.

How To Use Blooming Waters (Answer: Discreetly) | Food 52

Photo by Victoria Watkin-Jones .


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