Use Dice and a Deck of Cards for Another Fun Workout Anytime, Anywhere

If a trip to the gym is not an option or you are just not able to perform his usual routine with its own weight , use of the new, spontaneous exercise of Muscle and Strength with the minimum necessary equipment. You will need a cube and a deck of cards.

A full deck of cards would be ideal. Since the entire workout lasts until each card is flipped, you can use fewer cards to cut down on the workout, or use two decks for a frenzied challenge. You will need to repeat three steps throughout your workout:

  • Flip the card: Each card suit – spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds – is a group of bodyweight or cardio exercises.
  • Roll the dice: The number indicates which exercise in the suit exercise group you will be doing.
  • Do the exercise: Find an exercise from the complete table below and do it for the specified number of repetitions.

And repeat. This is the number of repetitions you will do, depending on the card you draw:

  • Two – 2
  • Three – 3
  • Four – 4
  • Five – 5
  • Six – 6
  • Seven – 7
  • Eight – 8
  • Nine – 9
  • Ten – 10
  • Jack – 11
  • Queen – 12
  • King – 13
  • Ace – 15
  • Joker – 25

For cardio exercises like ski jumping, multiply the face card by 10 to calculate the total time (in seconds) you will be doing.

In the following tables, the number represents the roll of the dice; the second column is an exercise associated with it. So, if you roll a 2 and get a queen of hearts, you’re doing 12 burpees.


Roll the Bones / Exercise or Cardio

  1. Step Ups (conditioning)
  2. Burpee
  3. Push ups
  4. Raising your feet on the floor
  5. Hip lift / bridge
  6. Standing long jump


Roll the Bones / Exercise or Cardio

  1. Bearish crawl (preparation)
  2. Jumping jack
  3. Diamond push ups
  4. Squats
  5. Tactical jump
  6. Get out on your hands


Roll the Bones / Exercise or Cardio

  1. Running (conditioning)
  2. Bodyweight Jump Squat
  3. Rock climber
  4. Abdominal pendulum
  5. Star push-ups
  6. Dive bombers


Roll the Bones / Exercise or Cardio

  1. Jumping Rope (Conditioning)
  2. Bodyweight lunge
  3. Superman
  4. Sliding wheels Ab
  5. Hand push ups
  6. Butt jumping

The unpredictable nature of playing cards can make this workout quite challenging, so while Muscle and Strength recommends taking no breaks, you should definitely catch your breath enough to keep fit while maintaining high intensity. The exercises on offer are unlimited, so feel free to change them to something similar or a variation that works best for you.

Dice and Cards Bodyweight & Conditioning Workout | Muscle and strength


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