Simple Habit Offers Simple Five-Minute Meditations That Can Be Practiced Anywhere

iOS / Android / Internet: We’ve discussed the topic of paid meditation apps before , but Simple Habit is a new option that offers simple five-minute meditations designed for specific needs or times of day. They can help you relax, restore concentration, or calm a restless mind.

The app includes several free sessions and a seven-day free trial to help you figure out if it’s worth paying for it. The app allows you to listen to a session and then track your progress and how you feel after each session. Some activities are designed to help you sleep or relax at the end of the day, or to help you relax during a mid-day break, or start the morning with a good walk. After a seven-day trial, however, expect to shell out $ 3.99 per week, $ 14.99 per month, and $ 119.99 per year to keep using the app. That’s a pretty high price tag, so make sure it’s worth it first, or try a more affordable alternative . (Also note that at least one iTunes review notes that you must subscribe to automatic billing through iTunes through in-app purchases in order to use the app, so be sure to cancel if the app isn’t for you before the trial is up! )

Of course, like all meditation apps, Simple Habit makes some pretty wild claims about improving your memory and anxiety, and we’ve established earlier that these claims are usually dubious at best. They have some research backing their positions, but the biggest benefit of such an app is that it can teach busy people how to meditate without making it a huge process, which means we can all reap the benefits of meditation without feeling as if it is the wall that we must climb in order to begin.

Update 11/08: Simple Habit is now available for both Android and web apps. You can read more or try it from the links below.

Simple Habit (Free, In-App Subscription) | iTunes App Store Simple Habit (Free, In-App Subscription) | Google Play via Simple Habit


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