Everything You Need to Know About a Stormy First Day at DNC

The Democratic National Convention kicked off last night. The first day was characterized by strife among factions in the Democratic Party. Here’s everything you need to know about what happened.

Bernie Sanders gave an impassioned speech and again supported Hillary Clinton

From CNN : Bernie Sanders spearheaded an organized attempt by Democratic leaders to rally their party on Monday, but seething anger among his staunch supporters has proven that the work of democratic unity is not yet complete.

Michelle Obama delivers persuasive speech in support of Clinton

From Gawker : On Monday, First Lady Michelle Obama took to the stage of the Democratic National Convention to emotionally support Hillary Clinton. “Leaders like Hillary Clinton,” Obama said, “have the courage and grace to keep coming back and planting cracks in the tallest and strongest glass ceiling, until it finally breaks through, illuminating us all with her.”

Meanwhile, protesters demand the presidency of Bernie Sanders and jail time for Clinton

From The Daily Beast : Demonstrators, many of whom wore Bernie 2016 shirts and other Sanders campaign items, changed their chants during the march. Their message, however, remained the same: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump should never be presidents because they are both part of the same corrupt and rigged political system that has sparked such anger among left and right.

Sanders sent message to supporters asking them to stop denouncing Clinton’s name

From the Wall Street Journal : Later, when the Democratic National Convention opened, there was a new outcry when Mrs. Clinton’s name was mentioned. In response, Mr. Sanders sent a signed text message to his delegates stating, “I ask you, as a personal courtesy, not to participate in any protests in the room. It is imperative that you explain this to your delegations, Bernie. “


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