Use a Toaster to Prepare Small Portions Per Serving

Firing up a conventional oven when you only need to cook or reheat a small amount of food wastes energy and heats up your home. If you have small portions that need to be reheated or cooked, use a toaster.

If you’re only cooking for one, most toasters heat up just as warm as your oven, only in a smaller space. You can bake vegetables for a single serving, or bake individual portions of meat, just like in a conventional oven. Your toaster oven is almost always ideal for storing leftovers, especially when compared to a microwave. Plus, if you have something to crunch, the toaster will cook it.

You can also defrost frozen bread or cookie dough for an oven-fresh flavor. There is less risk of your cookies or bread becoming stale as you can make the perfect serving in a toaster.

7 ways to cook with a toaster for one person | Kitchen


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