Simple Handshake Mistakes to Avoid in Your Next Interview

Shaking hands tightly and firmly is n’t hard , but ask anyone who meets job candidates or just regularly talks to new people and you’ll hear some horror stories about awkward handshaking. This video from ZipRecruiter describes some of the worst offenders and an easy way to fix it.

Of course, the most interesting thing about the video here is the criminals. Who hasn’t shook hands with the “princess” and wondered what it was about, or hadn’t come across some version of “Creep”, where some strange movement of the fingers occurs when shaking hands? I’d say most people at least try to go for a normal, firm, simple handshake, but it’s one thing if someone’s palms are a little sticky or just wave them harmlessly than something more purposefully weird, like some from handshakes. above.

Anyway, if you have a history of awkward handshakes or tend to get anxious when meeting new people, let science be your guide or this article on how to always choose the perfect handshake .

The Perfect Handshake During Interviews | ZipRecruiter (Facebook)


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