Get Over Your First Rope Climb With These Intermediate Exercises

If you are preparing for any kind of obstacle course, you will probably have to climb a high rope. While climbing a tightrope, like a pull-up or push-up, you can work one exercise at a time. Here are exercises to prepare you for rope climbing and more.

When interrupting a rope climb, you need two things first: strong grip strength and your arms, especially your biceps and lats, to keep yourself steady and then pull up. This article from Onnit Academy recommends the following for developing these muscles:

  • Towel Pull Up: This simulates rope climbing when you don’t have a real rope to train on. Hang a sports towel over the bar and grasp both ends. If you can’t fully pull up, work on simple hangs or negative pull-ups (see below). Alternatively, you can slide it over a lower bar, such as a squat rack, and pull yourself up from a seated position.
  • Negative pull-ups: The negative part of the pull-up is the part where you get down. The idea is to descend as slowly as possible , sometimes up to 20-30 seconds.
  • Lats Dips: This is a fantastic exercise overall, but is especially beneficial for developing lats strength. When building up your pulling force stricter, don’t use all your weight for pulling. In other words, use these lats to do the exercises.
  • Seated to Rope Climbing: If you have access to the rope, you can practice the actual pull-up movement up the rope. Start in a seated position on the floor, then slowly raise your arms, lifting off the floor, to a standing position (or as high as possible).

Other exercises you can do include close-grip pull-ups,Farmer’s carry (for grip strength and full-body stability), and leg raises.

5 Best Rock Climbing Exercises | Onnit Academy


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