Kanex MultiSync Keyboard Looks Great, Easily Connects to Multiple Devices Via Bluetooth

Most of us have more than one device in our life, be it multiple computers or just a laptop, tablet or phone. The Kanex MultiSync Aluminum Keyboard can connect to all of them, easily switch between them, while keeping your desk cluttered and cumbersome.

Kanex sent MultiSync over to try it out a few months ago and it has morphed into my primary keyboard in the office (mostly due to lack of proper mechanics) for longer than I imagined, I would go back to the chiclet keyboard. This is in part because it connects to multiple devices so easily: just hold one of the four Bluetooth keys above the numeric keypad to tell the keyboard to pair with a new device, pair it, and then when you want to switch between devices, just press button corresponding to your laptop, iPad, desktop computer or any other device to switch. In my case, I used it to seamlessly switch between my personal and work laptop and other devices.

The keyboard itself is quite sturdy, with an aluminum casing, low build and black chiclet keys. This is probably the closest thing you’ll find in Apple’s full-size wired Bluetooth keyboard, and the design influence is pretty obvious out of the box. It also means that it is easy and convenient to use and will feel familiar to use. The function keys at the top are duplicated as media keys, so the playback and volume controls are exactly where you’d expect. There are also keys for Apple-specific features like Expose, laptop brightness, and Spotlight search.

MultiSync is clearly made for Apple devices and users, and while you can definitely use it from a Windows PC, you’ll have to overcome the same quirk as using an Apple keyboard, but if you’re used to it, it won’t be a problem. The keyboard also uses two included AAA batteries, which I have never had to change.

If you’re wondering, one might be yours for $ 84 on Amazon . If a black with an aluminum casing isn’t your style, Amazon has an all-white version for $ 52 , and if you don’t need the numeric keypad and prefer a version without keys, there is a “mini” version for $ 35 at Amazon .

If you’re looking for a wireless keyboard, use mostly Apple devices, and want one Bluetooth keyboard that you can then use with all of your devices – like an iPad or a second computer on your desk – I highly recommend this. If you are using one device, then it is harder to sell, but still cheaper and more flexible than a number of keyboards you might buy. Click on the link below to check it out on the Kanex website.

Aluminum MultiSync keyboard | Kanex


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