Pokémon Go Playlist

You finally leave the house to catch a Pokemon, but do you have any sweet tunes to listen to on the road? Well, now you know . And they are all filled with the same pokenostalgia as the game itself.

This playlist from Spotify user Kim Allen features songs from nearly every Pokémon’s domain over the past twenty years. It includes the original Pokérap, songs from the Pokémon Christmas album, and Pokémon themes from the Video Games Live Orchestral Event . Put it on, go outside and show the world that you are the best, like no one has ever been.

Welcome to our new series offeatured playlists . Every week we’ll be sharing a new themed playlist built in for your convenience! You can copy the list of tracks to your service or listen right here. Do you have your own playlist? Share with us in the comments below!


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