Make the Perfect Soft Scrambled Eggs With an Immersion Blender

The key to this method is to get a lot of air into the mixture and save the seasoning for the plate. I was skeptical too, but tried it and it works like a charm. Here’s how to do it if you can’t watch the Bon Appetit video above.

Crack the eggs in a bowl and then use your trusty immersion blender to grind them. Seriously, you don’t want to whip them until they are frothy, but you definitely want them to mix completely with a lot of air in the mixture. Preheat a nonstick skillet and add a lot of oil, let the butter melt, then add the eggs.

Now the cooking process is just as important – you have to keep the eggs in a skillet (over medium heat, I’ll risk it) so that they don’t overcook and cook perfectly. When they’re done and they’re at the perfect consistency for you, put them on a plate and then season with salt and pepper or fresh chopped herbs like dill or garlic. That’s all there is to it.

For someone who likes soft contractions that still have a bit of tooth in them (as opposed to Gordon Ramsay’s method we covered earlier ), this is a fairly straightforward approach. If you don’t have an immersion blender, a little elbow grease will do the same job, but you need to put in a little more effort. I’m also usually a “season before cooking” addict, but I have to admit that this method works too. Click Play above to see it in action (42 seconds total). This is a very simple video and you will have to learn as much from it as I did because it lacks instructions or a manual, but it’s not hard to tell what they actually do.

Make the perfect soft scrambled eggs with an immersion blender


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