Google Maps Makes It Easy to Suggest Edits and Share Location Details

Google today officially announced several new tools for Google Maps. It is now easier to suggest changes to locations on Maps, add places that don’t exist, and suggest or confirm information about a place you’re visiting.

Some users (myself included) have seen these features rolled out quietly for a while, but today Google officially posted them on their blog. Proposed edits and missing spots are big changes. If a specific place you are visiting is not on Google Maps, you can add it by placing a marker on the map. Likewise, if you are somewhere on Maps, but some of the information in the list is incorrect, you can suggest editing.

You can also add tons of new information about the places you visit on Maps. Location listings will ask you to describe things about the place, such as what services it offers, such as whether it accepts reservations or offers vegetarian options, and ask about the general atmosphere. You may also be asked to confirm someone’s suggestions when you visit a location. We hope that all these changes will make the Google Maps data more detailed and useful.

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