Everything You Need to Know About Yesterday’s Third Day at the NRC

During the third day of the Republican National Assembly, Gov. Mike Pence formally accepted his party’s candidacy for vice president. Here’s how to find out about this and other events of the day.

Mike Pence delivers VP welcome speech, calling for Party Unity

From Heavy : Indiana Gov. Mike Pence gave a speech at the Republican National Convention Wednesday, during which he formally accepted the party’s nomination for the post of US Vice President.

Ted Cruz Gains Endorsement After Not Supporting Trump During His Speech

From ABC News : Former Donald Trump rival Senator Ted Cruz was booed after not supporting Trump during his speech at the Republican National Convention – a blow from a Texas lawmaker to a real estate tycoon who tortured him as “Lying Ted.” during the primaries.

Politifact and FactCheck.org focus on jobs, economy and foreign policy

From Politifact : Before Pence took the stage, the crowd listened to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and a trio of Floridians. Here is our summary of the statements made by Pence and other speakers during the third night of the convention.

From FactCheck.org : On the third night of the Republican convention, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence accepted his party’s candidacy for vice president, and Senator Ted Cruz rejected calls to support the GOP ticket. But Pence and Cruz had one thing in common: they and other speakers distorted the facts.

Meanwhile, Merrick Garland has set the record for the longest waiting time for a Supreme Court nomination hearing.

From NBC News : Wednesday marked a grim accomplishment for Merrick Garland. He passed Louis Brandeis as the longest-awaited Supreme Court nominee for a Senate hearing. And while the Brandeis saga ended with his confirmation in 1916, Garland’s prospects remain unclear at best.


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