Cut Back on Holiday Meals by Giving Everyone Their Own Glass

When it comes to entertainment, I do accept the more the better principle, but this philosophy does not apply to food. To reduce the amount of soapy work I have to do after the guests leave, I will use Kitchen’s rule of one person = one drinking vessel.

My family has actually done (well, tried to do) this for years in our Thanksgiving gatherings. I have five aunts and uncles (plus their spouses) and fourteen cousins ​​and wedrink a lotfrom cups . Assigning each family member one coffee mug and one glass means they have to rinse them if they want to fill them with anything else, and reduces the number of dishes the owner has to deal with. If all of your drinking vessels look the same, consider purchasing wine charms or use tape to wash your labels . This way, no one can hang their dirty bowl on anyone else.

The Easiest Way to Make Fewer Dishes | Apartment therapy


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