TripAdvisor Collects Airline Reviews for You to Use Before Booking

In the same way that Yelp reviews give you an idea of ​​the experience you will get in a restaurant, TripAdvisor now collects airline reviews that you can use when booking with a new airline. You will get an idea of ​​what awaits you in order to prepare for this or decide not to book tickets with this airline.

You can always fly with the same airlines because you are a member of a loyalty program or they are flying out of your local airport, but many airlines (especially new ones) offer fares that seem too good to pass up and reviews of new airlines TripAdvisor Let you see what awaits you if you decide to take the bait and make a deal.

Aside from written reviews, you can see ratings for cleanliness, seating comfort, value, customer service, and more.Of course you should take reviews with a grain of salt as those with a bad experience are more motivated to write a review, but even they can help you better prepare for what you will experience. You can view the new airlines’ reviews here .

TripAdvisor Reveals Airline Reviews and Changes Flight Search for Travelers | TripAdvisor


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