Scrivener Transforms Its Massive Manuscript Writing Tool on IOS

iOS: Scrivener is one of the best tools for organizing your long email , but the lack of a mobile app has always been a problem. This is finally fixed today with the release of Scrivener for iPhone and iPad.

For better and for worse, a mobile app is very similar to a desktop app. You access all of your projects using a familiar set of view modes. You can mark chapters with color or icons, open and create notes, and do anything else you can do with Mac and Windows apps. Structurally, Scrivener for iOS works the same way, with a binder filled with drafts, notes, research, and junk. The iOS app also includes most of the advanced features you’d expect to find, including word counting and goal counting, marking, scripting mode, and corkboard presentation.

Scrivener syncs with desktop apps using Dropbox, but you’ll need to make sure you update the desktop app before it works as expected. If you’ve used a desktop app, you know what to expect here, and the iOS version does a great job of mimicking the most important features of desktop apps.

All of this suggests that while the functionality is there, the mobile version is just as ugly and tedious to learn as desktop apps. Scrivener is chock-full of features and, along with it, many complex menus that take time to figure out. If you think Skrivner looks pretty archaic, especially when you put it next to a design-heavy application like Ulysses . However, Scrivener is the most powerful tool of its kind, and the iOS version does a great job of taking your app with you. However, it is expensive at $ 20, so if you are in doubt as to whether this tool is the right tool for you, it is recommended that you check out the desktop app demo and watch the feature overview video embedded at the top of this post.

Scrivener ($ 20) | ITunes App Store


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