Pick a Good Eggplant in the Store by Looking at the Skin and Stem

If you’re shopping for fresh eggplant, these simple rules of thumb can help you avoid spoiled eggplant.

Sheela Prakash from The Kitchn invites you to consider two things when choosing an eggplant. First, make sure your skin is smooth and shiny. Dull or wrinkled skin is a sign that the eggplant was harvested a long time ago and may have deteriorated. Any bruising or discoloration could mean that the flesh under the skin has been damaged, which isn’t ideal either. Second, make sure the stem is green. If the stem turns brown, is dry, or begins to rot and mold, it is already gone. The ideal eggplant should also feel a little heavier than it appears. Take an eggplant that looks fresh and an eggplant that looks old and you will notice the difference.

5 Things To Look For When Buying Eggplant At The Grocery Store | Kitchen


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