Increase Your Liking by Asking People to Finish Their Stories

When someone is interrupted while talking to your group, this is a great opportunity to show yourself more considerate and likable by asking that person to continue.

We’ve all been in it – you’re trying to tell a story and someone pounces on what you said and runs away with it. It’s embarrassing and makes you wonder if anyone wants to listen to you at all. But if someone asked you to continue, you would feel better and be grateful to that person. This is why Quora’s Milena Rangelov invites you to always take the opportunity to ask people to continue their stories after you get interrupted. This makes them feel appreciated and, most importantly, they feel they are being heard . The trick is to do it without interrupting someone else or doing anything special out of it. Do not point your finger at the person interrupting you. When there is a pause in the conversation, politely ask them to finish their story and they will love you forever for it.

Milena Rangelov’s answer to the question “What useful social skills can you quickly learn?” | Quora via Business Insider


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