How to Stay on Top of All the Great Comic-Con This Weekend

Comic Con San Diego kicks off this week and will be packed to the brim with funny ads, posters, trailers, and teasers of your favorite shows and movies. Here’s how to stay on top of everything that’s going on

SDCC takes place on multiple panels throughout the conference room, so it can be difficult to keep up with everything. Some of the biggest companies including Marvel, Warner Bros. and DC, HBO, Paramount, BBC and others will showcase their newness. You can view the full list of panels on the SDCC website here . There are two types of panels: Hall H and everything else. Concourse H is where the most ambitious and exciting announcements will take place. Unfortunately, most of the good stuff will be kept secret. If you’re in the room, you’ll see early trailers and unreleased footage that everyone else will have to wait. However, SDCC will show the mural (minus exclusive content) later this year. Depending on what you want to watch, there are several ways to tune in:

  • Watch a few small panels live on Twitch : If you don’t want to worry about Comic-Con, you can check out some of the panels on Twitch. This will only include panels that don’t run in the coveted Hall H, but hey, at least it’s alive.
  • Watch Non-Hall H Panels After They Happen ThroughComic-Con HQ :Comic-Con’s own streaming service will have videos from almost every panel after they go through their own streaming platform. Although plans start at $ 5 a month, beta access will still be free until July 25, when the billboard ends anyway, so you can cancel until then and still connect.
  • After that, watch the Hall H panels (no good stuff) viaComic-Con HQ : you’ll also be able to find big shows on the Comic-Con streaming service sometime after they’re finished. Most of them will be missing some cool unreleased footage and early trailers, but you can still see the panels themselves.

Of course, if you still want to hear about good stuff that you’re not allowed to watch, there are several ways to keep up with everything else. It’s worth checking out the leaked trailers this weekend that studios don’t want you to see. Almost all of the major trailers were leaked on the net last year, so it’s worth checking out the news! Here are a few places to watch out for:

  • Official Comic-Con App : Even if you’re not at a trade show, you can use the SDCC app to check when big shows are happening so you know when to watch the news. You won’t find leaked trailers, of course, but at least now you will know that if you want to see some cute shots from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, you should stop by Saturday night .
  • Follow your favorite studios and VIPs on Twitter: if you want to learn something new from Marvel , DC Comics , HBO or any of your favorites, follow their official Twitter accounts. Be sure to check the respective accounts for VIPs who might also tweet interesting things. Pro Tip: Agent M is a great account to subscribe to if you’re into looking for Marvel critics .
  • Subscribe to a few botanical news sites: Best option for watching what studios don’t want to see, but probably won’t be official sources. Our sister site io9 will cover the con in detail, but you can also check out sites like / Film , ScreenRant and Birth.Movies.Death. for esoteric coating mix.

No matter what you do, it will likely be a fun weekend filled with teasers, trailers, and excitement for some of the stories to come. This is a great time to be a geek, so even if you’re not on set, tune in from time to time, freak out, and share the fun with another nerd in your life.


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