Discuss Salary Based on What You Do, Not Who You Are

You’ve heard the words “your value” in the context of income, and if you are even a little like me, it will make you cringe. This implies that your value as an individual has a price, but this phrase refers to the work you are doing, not who you are. Writer Libby Kane notes that this is an important distinction when it comes to negotiation.

Referring to the CEO of Quora , Kane points out that your earning potential isn’t so much about your needs or your employer’s budget, but about the work you do. Also, salary does not measure your worth as a person (it is immeasurable) – again, it is just a measure of your work. Kane explains what this means for your earnings:

… the next time you sit down for a job interview or pay negotiation, arm yourself with proof of your exemplary work, not your exemplary self. While you’re probably adorable, your employer or potential employer doesn’t pay you to smile – they pay for the result.

This is a rewarding prospect if you, too, are intimidated by negotiations. Negotiation is not personal, it is just a change in the price of your work. As your work becomes more valuable , ideally it should increase in value. For more information, go to the full version of the message at the link below.

A Simple Truth Most Of Us Don’t Know Will Make Your Salary Negotiation Much Easier | Business Insider


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