Why Doubt Can Be Good for Achieving Your Health Goals

Doubt is essential to achieving your health goals, says Mark Sisson. If you are overconfident and obsessed with your beliefs, you end up ignoring other opportunities that can lead to real ah-hams that will help you break through the plateau and reach your goals. So, I doubt it a little.

We all know there is a wealth of information about health and fitness , but not all of this is quackery. Maintain an open and critical mind. Sisson believes that shutting out new ideas deprives you of an important factor for growth and innovation: curiosity.

Study the principles by all means, but constantly experiment and change yourself. Isolate the new variables for a while and see how small increases or decreases in carbohydrates work for you. Adjust your exercise times. Try giving up nightshades for thirty days to see how you feel when you give up and when you use them again. See if eating more or less fat affects your body composition, hunger or energy levels.

Each principle will need to be tweaked slightly to fit your lifestyle and preferences. Not only that, but you (mind and body or life circumstances) will continue to change over time, so you need to be flexible in order to constantly make adjustments.

Doubt can be very helpful in helping you reflect and reflect on each new practice or piece of information that you come across and relate it to you and your goals.

Don’t Be So Confident: Why Doubt Is An Important Tool For Achieving Health Goals | Daily Apple brand


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