Tinycards From Duolingo Teach You Hundreds of Topics Using Flash Cards

iOS: Duolingo is one of the most popular ways to learn a new language , and today the company is releasing Tinycards, a tool for learning much more than just a new language using flashcards.

Tinycards uses the same spaced-repetitive learning techniques as Duolingo, but applies them to a much wider range of topics. Everything from inventions to Pokémon names is built into the system, but beyond that, users can create and share their own cards on any topic of their choice. After you choose the topic you want to study, Tinycards will show you a flashcard and then ask you to memorize different parts as you go, mixing and repeating different parts. Each lesson only takes a couple of minutes to complete, making it perfect for learning a wide variety of topics while on the go. Many themes are already available at launch today, and they will surely appear in the process as users create their own, so stay tuned.

Tinycards (free) | ITunes App Store


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