Prevent Necklaces From Tangling by Wrapping Them in Plastic Wrap

Necklaces tangle easily, especially when traveling, and can be tedious to untangle. Wrap them in plastic wrap so that each necklace stays ready to use when you arrive at its destination.

Lay down a layer of plastic wrap, lay out the necklaces and cover with another layer of plastic wrap. Squeeze the two layers around the necklaces to keep them separate. Gently fold or roll the wrapped necklaces to create a small bundle that can be easily tucked into a suitcase.

Smaller necklaces, such as chain pendants, work best with this method. You can also wrap bracelets in the same way, but buttons work best for earrings . While plastic wrap will provide some protection, if your bundle has any particularly delicate embellishments, wrap it around your garment for extra padding.

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