Here’s How to Get Your Money Back If You Have a Recalled IKEA Baby Gate

Back in May 2015, IKEA recalled about 80,000 PATRULL KLÄMA and PATRULL SMIDIG safety gates due to the danger of falling. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, IKEA is now expanding this recall to include PATRULL and PATRULL FAST models. If you own any of these models, you can return them to the store for full compensation .

At the time of the announcement, CPSC IKEA had received 55 reports of injuries worldwide, including cuts, bruises and concussions. Some of them were the result of the collapse of the gate on the stairs. The safety gates are white, made of beech or steel and plastic, and are 28.75 “high and adjustable in widths from 28.75” to 34.25 “. The following models and article numbers are included in this review:


Article number (s)

Security gate PATRULL


Extension for PATRULL security gate


Security gate PATRULL FAST (white)

700.377.26, 702.265.19

Safety gate PATRULL FAST (beech)

300.375.68, 700.989.51, 701.135.98 and 901.919.53

Security gate PATRULL KLÄMMA


PATRULL KLÄMMA Safety gate extension

302.651.45, 902.265.23

To find the article number, locate and check the sticker attached to the metal bar at the bottom of the security gate. Return the item to the store for full compensation. No receipt required.

IKEA also offers full or partial refunds for some of its chests and dressers due to the serious danger to children. Check out our previous article to find out how to get your money back if you have any of these IKEA products listed here.

IKEA recalls safety gates and extensions due to fall hazard | Consumer Product Safety Commission via Gizmodo


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