CTRL-F Helps You Search for Documents in the Real World Using Your Phone Camera

Android: Wouldn’t it be great if real-world book page searches were as simple as pressing Ctrl-F on your keyboard to instantly find a search term? Now you can do this with your smartphone’s camera and CTRL-F .

It’s pretty simple: you take a snapshot of the typed text you want to search for, and CTRL-F quickly parses the text to create a searchable digital version on your phone. Then you enter your search term and voila, your query is instantly highlighted. The photo of the text needs to be well-lit, clear, and straightforward enough that it probably won’t be able to read handwritten text or weird fonts, but hey, I can’t either.

Some full-featured scanning apps also have OCR (text recognition) built in , but if you don’t really care about saving a document, CTRL-F is a one-stop solution that saves you a quick glance at a wall of text. The developers say an iOS version is also in development.

CTRL-F | Game Store


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