10 Best Ways to Get Out of the House and Make New Friends

You can probably predict one of the items on this list, but this week we’re looking at apps, games, and other tools that can shake up your daily routine, get you out of the house, and help you explore your community – or more. …

10. Meeting

If you’re unfamiliar, Meetup is a site where people can create or join groups based on interests , hobbies, events, and other activities. You can create your own to see who shares the same interests in your area, or you can find a group that already exists, join and meet people in the group at their next scheduled event. With everything from local softball leagues to food groups, movie and book clubs and comic book lovers, it’s a great way to find new people with whom you instantly have something in common.

In addition, there are mobile apps for iOS and Android that you can use to find groups on the go, or use if you’re more comfortable using your phone than browsing the site.

9. Exercise lessons.

Exercise classes like spinning lessons, martial arts lessons, yoga groups, or any other group fitness class have their pros and cons when it comes to your fitness goals, but what are they universally good at? I introduce you to new people. At the end of the day, these people will see you sweat, see you struggle, and hopefully support you – and you will support them – in your quest to get healthy and stay healthy .

Some classes and exercise groups are better suited for this than others, so try to choose one that is usually supportive from the outset, such as martial arts lessons, self defense lessons, or dance lessons.

8. Local sports leagues

In the same vein as the exercise class, if you need a group where (mostly at least) everyone gets together to practice, try to improve, and then go out to showcase their things in a (usually) cool and fun atmosphere, check out your local sports league or team playing whatever you like. Maybe it’s the local softball or soccer league, or maybe it’s something quieter, like a local bocce group or even a chess club. After all, not every sport requires training – some of them will get you out of the house and meet people anywhere, anytime.

7. Cooking, tasting or evening lessons.

Exercise lessons help you meet new people in a teamwork or fitness-oriented environment, but cooking lessons, wine or alcohol tasting lessons, or other evening activities give you the freedom to do something like that without the whole, you know, physical part of the activity. This is not to say that there is no sweat and stress in cooking – they are – but if perhaps your goal is not so much to “get in shape”, but more to “meet people while you learn to cook like an adult”, cooking classes can help. and introduce you to others with the same passion.

However, cooking classes are not the only type that does this. Art classes, whether drawing, painting, sculpture, or something more academic like art history or art science, will do the same. Whatever your interests, check with your local university or community college for what they have to offer. Services like LivingSocial and Groupon regularly offer tickets and similar activities, and research groups like Atlas Obscura regularly host some of the most exciting and unusual events, tours and activities I’ve ever seen. Check them out.

6. Participate in local politics

Of course, this recommendation isn’t for everyone, but if you’re really interested in meeting like-minded people or just getting to know people in general, locally or regionally, politics is a great way to do it. You will meet a ton of people who are probably as passionate about local issues as you are, and unlike national politics, you will be able to make a much larger impact on your community at the local level.

It’s best if politics is personal to you (and let’s be honest, for most of us, at least on some level) the people you meet can be lifelong friends. It’s also a great way to get an idea of ​​how policy works in general and how you can make a difference – instead of just sitting back and complaining about it all.

5. Symbols

Whether you are interested in comics and science fiction, movies and TV shows, video games, or just pop culture in general, chances are there is a convention near you that you can attend that suits you. Maybe you were intimidated by these big national conventions, no, thanks to the huge crowds and media attention . Don’t Be: Local, small gatherings can be a more laid-back affair where you can meet writers, musicians and artists, buy their work, or just go see and see some of the people in charge of the entertainment you enjoy.

Best of all, since it’s a good opportunity that everyone in the audience is also fans just like you, it’s a good opportunity to meet people, make new friends and get involved in a community that you may never have had a window to. … previously.

4. Get a pet.

Anytime someone remembers how difficult it is to meet people or make friends when you’re older, perhaps living on your own and working every day, one compelling decision is to get a dog. Having one means that you will inevitably take that dog for a walk, where you will meet other dog owners, have a chat, you will have something to talk about and inevitably meet again.

Even if you don’t have a dog, you can still meet other pet owners. You just need to be more proactive. You may have to find other locals who have the same pets on Instagram, or really join one of these pet social media platforms. It may sound silly, but you will get to know other people in your area, learn a lot about how to best take care of your particular pet, and when you all get together and bring your pets, the photos will be incredible.

3. Your Favorite Dating App

No matter which dating app you prefer , be it Tinder, OkCupid, Match or whatever , this is definitely a window to help you meet other people, get out of the house, and hopefully have some fun. Dating generally comes with a number of pitfalls and challenges, but while you don’t take them too seriously, use them as an opportunity to get out, make new friends, and perhaps find someone you can be romantically compatible and interested in participating in. …

But one thing’s for sure: if you look at it from a healthy, light-hearted point of view, you’re bound to go out and meet people.

2. Volunteer

Volunteering, ideally for a cause you support and believe in, is another great way to get out of the house and disrupt your daily routine . You will also have the opportunity to meet people who are supporting the same cause as you , whether it is helping prepare food for a local charity kitchen or pantry, or helping build houses for Habitat for Humanity, or maybe filling out registration sheets or hand out cookies and juice on a blood run.

Even if you just volunteer at your church or school, or clean roads or waterways in your area, not only are you going out and doing something good, you are doing something good for yourself – and you are meeting people who feel that way. the same. If you volunteer frequently, you will almost certainly make new friends, and ideally, friendships that go beyond your volunteering.

1. Mobile multiplayer games such as Pokémon Go.

And finally, of course, mobile multiplayer games like Pokémon Go and its predecessor, Ingress (which, full disclosure, I still play all the time ) will absolutely take you out of your house. After all, that’s their whole point – to get you out of the house and explore new locations in the real world to play and interact with objects in the game.

However, in the process, you leave and meet other players. Regardless of whether they are on your team, part of a different faction, you work with them or fight with them, you still meet with them, establish rapport and join the community of players. In Ingress, that means joining regional faction groups, Google Hangouts, where you discuss strategy, forums, and Google+ groups where you all plan events and regional operations. In Pokémon Go, we’ve already seen loads of stories of how the game brought people together in places they wouldn’t otherwise have visited, got more exercise than they otherwise would, and meet people they would never have met. sat down next to him or talked to him earlier. Hell, this is better than sitting at home and doing nothing, wondering why you never date people with similar interests.


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