Muesli Bars, Orange Juice, and Frozen Yogurt Are Less Healthy Than You Think

It is difficult to eat healthy foods when there is so much junk food, but some of the sweetest foods have managed to convince many of us that they are healthy. A recent New York Times study found that most of us overestimate the health benefits of orange juice, frozen yogurt, and especially muesli bars.

The data comes from asking members of the American Nutrition Society whether they believe certain foods are healthy and comparing their responses to a sample that should be representative of all Americans. The most controversial items were the products mentioned above, along with Slim-Fast cocktails, American cheese and coconut oil.

Granola was invented as a health food in the 1800s , but it has changed a lot since then, with the addition of large amounts of sugar. Now it is one of the breakfast foods that can hardly be distinguished from dessert . Coconut oil may be slightly better for you than other oils, but a spoonful of coconut oil is just a spoonful of oil.

In truth, food alone is not “healthy” or “unhealthy,” but foods that nutritionists find beneficial are easiest to fit into a diet that is good for your body. The good news is that a plethora of foods backfired: even though the average American wasn’t sure if hummus, wine, or sushi were good for them, nutritionists overwhelmingly rated these foods highly.

Is sushi healthy? What about muesli? Disagreements Between Americans and Nutritionists | The newspaper “New York Times


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