Add a Shot of Syrup for Incredible Milkshakes (and Other Food Tips From the Chefs)

The diner isn’t exactly a Michelin-starred kitchen, but that doesn’t make it tasteless, or we can’t learn great home cooking tips from the diner chefs. There aren’t many cuisines, but one thing stood out for us: add some chocolate or vanilla syrup to your homemade milkshakes to take them to the next level.

This is just one piece of advice, but they explain:

The secret of the vanilla vanilla milkshake itself is that the chef hid during the preparation of the vanilla syrup. Of course, that also means adding a little chocolate syrup to a chocolate milkshake is also fine.

So when they say “vanilla syrup” here, they probably mean dessert syrup or the one you might see in a coffee shop, which is actually a simple vanilla-flavored syrup or tincture, not that someone then at the back of your favorite diner, he pours vanilla beans into a simple syrup (though maybe who are we?). You can do this if you want and the result is awesome vanilla syrup, but if you’re lazy, a little sweet will do. It’s the same with chocolate. Pick your favorite chocolate shake recipe, then add a final serving of something as simple as Hershey’s for a nice chocolate punch with every sip.

This isn’t the only tip in this product – there are others too, like use a flat top pan whenever you can make the best omelets (they’re also easier to fold with a spatula if you don’t have a to finagle a pan) and one of My favorite underrated cooking tips: Preheat your plates before placing hot food on them, as is often the case in restaurants. It keeps your food hot for longer, and definitely while you eat it. Follow the link below for the rest of the offerings.

10 Cooking Tricks Only A Diner Can Teach You | Kitchen


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