Why Dogs Love to Lick Your Face and Why You Can Avoid It

Usually people are divided into two camps: those who love to kiss their dog, and those who, like me, hate it. Here are the reasons why dogs want to lick your face, and why you can avoid this kind of attachment, even if you enjoy it.

In this video from Business Insider’s YouTube channel, Dr. Leni K. Kaplan of Cornell University ‘s College of Veterinary Medicine explains what makes dogs give you slobbering kisses and why it’s actually pretty nasty. The reason they lick your face comes down to three main factors:

  1. Licking is one of the ways to communicate, especially with other dogs.
  2. You, as their owner, have a familiar smell and good taste.
  3. They need attention.

If you are a healthy person, skin contact with dog saliva is not a problem. The risk that this will cause any problems is very small, since your skin does not absorb it. However, when they lick your face, zoonotic pathogens such as Clostridium , E. coli , Salmonella, andCampylobacter canenter your body through your eyes, mouth, and nose. The same can happen if they lick your hands and then touch your face. But where does this muck come from? Dogs release these nasty insects with feces, then the dog eats the feces, and finally, the dog licks your face. This is why it is best to avoid kissing your dog, especially if you have a weakened or underdeveloped immune system.

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Dog Lick Your Face | Youtube


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