Add a Cover to Your Windows in 15 Minutes With This DIY Window Shade

If you have a window in which you can use a curtain, but you do not want to install equipment for it or do not want to close the window, this do-it-yourself window curtain is easy to make, it will take a few minutes and looks pretty good, especially in a spare room, bathroom or laundry.

You will need a fabric (the amount depends on the size of your window), an iron on the edge band, and a way to hang the curtains. If you like, you can also use a wooden dowel or rod to weigh down the bottom of the curtain so that it hangs a little better.

Make a pattern by sticking paper to the window so you can see how far the shadow goes and how wide it should be. You can also just use a tape measure. Cut the fabric to size, adding two inches at the top for binding. Sew all edges with an iron on the tape, leaving loops of fabric at the top and bottom, so that the rods hang the curtain and make the bottom heavier. For a full visual walkthrough click the link below.

How to make a fifteen-minute shadow for a window with your own hands “wiki useful Young House Love


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