It’s Better to Finish Something Than Wait to Avoid Making Mistakes.

It seems like common sense to postpone a project until you have figured out all the details. But if you only feel this hesitation because you are afraid to make a mistake, you will never be finished.

As business website Entrepreneur explains, fear of mistakes leads to inaction. If you cannot complete a project until it is flawless, you will never finish anything. The belief that you can truly avoid all mistakes is a delusion. Learn to accept that sometimes you’re going to screw up, and pull the metaphorical trigger anyway. Better finishing than flawless work:

Too many of us have grown up knowing that mistakes are bad. We walk through life on eggshells, trying desperately not to take the wrong step. When we live this way, we cannot learn from our mistakes and open up new opportunities. Train your brain to know that mistakes happen, and that’s okay. The most important thing is what you learn from the mistake about how to do better next time. The sign of a successful person does not depend on how many mistakes he makes, but on how quickly he gets to his feet, learns from mistakes and moves forward.

Once you’re done, you can work on fixing the bugs. You can find areas where you can improve and work on them. First, you have to get there. Don’t be so afraid of failure that you will never be successful.

Realizing Your Misconceptions Will Remove What Hinders Your Success | Businessman


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