Google’s New Mobile Updates Make It Easier to Find Travel Deals

Google Flights and Google’s hotel search are both useful tools to help you find and book your trip , but this week they announced some mobile updates to make finding great deals even easier.

They made the announcement at a press event, but Jonathan Alferness, VP of Product Management at Google, also posted some updates in a recent blog post. They target general purchases, but many of the updates are travel-only. Here are a few highlights:

  • Smart Hotel Filters: You can now filter your hotel search results according to your specific needs. Alferness wrote, “We’ll make it easy to find exactly what people need, such as ‘$ 200 pet-friendly hotels in San Francisco’ to find the perfect hotel for them.” This feature is currently available in the US and they plan to roll out globally later this year.
  • Proposals for hotels. If the hotel is priced lower than usual, or if there are discounts for a specific travel date, Google will now include the tag “Deal” in the search results.
  • Hotel Tips : If you can save some money by traveling another day, you can get a “Tip” that tells you how much you can save with some flexibility.
  • Better flight price tracking : If you save a Google Flight and it drops or rises significantly in price, you will now receive a change notification email.

There are a few other updates as well, so be sure to check them out at the link below.

Make Travel & Shopping Easier For The Seasons To Come | Google Blog


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