For Perfectly Cooked Eggs With the Sunny Side Up, Fry First and Bake Until Finished

The perfect fried egg with completely solidified, opaque white and thick, runny yolk may seem elusive, but it really isn’t all that difficult. You just need a little oven help.

To take your morning egg to this beautifully cooked place, simply follow the simple advice of brunch queen Jessica Koslow: fry until the white begins to harden (aka “turns white”) and place it all in the oven set at 350 for about a minute. until the proteins are completely cooked. Slide your skillet masterpiece onto toast, rice bowls, burgers, or anything else that enhances a cooked fried egg. (Note: If you haven’t been to Sqirl , Los Angeles’ unconventional Koslow breakfast bar, you should take a look if you find yourself in the area. Sorrel pesto rice bowl is unrealistic.)

Time to start frying eggs | Bon appetit


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