Make a More Sophisticated Salty Bread Ice Cream Sandwich

Dessert should be sweet, but adding some savory foods to it can keep the sugar from burning out. Replacing the cookies in your ice cream sandwich with a nice chewy slice of bread makes it less than one note, but still remains a crusty dessert.

Food 52 recommends pairing foccation with dark chocolate sorbet or ice cream, but personally I’ve had great success with King’s Hawaiian Rolls and plain vanilla. To slightly improve texture, spread butter and lightly sprinkle with sugar. Grill this well so the sugar caramelizes and put your frozen dairy products in there. (If you really want to accentuate the zest, skip sugar and just fry the bread in butter; fantastic anyway.) Cookies are another heavenly choice because biscuits are better.

Do you like ice cream sandwiches? Try to make them with bread | Food 52


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