Tie a Tie in Seconds With This Hand Loop Trick

If you want to tie a tie quickly, this trick can be done in about five seconds and you don’t need anything or anyone to tie the knot.

This video from YouTube channel Hacks World demonstrates a smart and incredibly fast way to get your tie ready for prime time. Wrap the tie completely around your left hand three times, then squeeze and hold the entire fabric with your right hand. Pull out the innermost loop, then push the rest of the loops through it. As soon as they pass, take the top outer loop and start expanding it. When you pull it, the knot will form and tighten. It is similar to the method we showed you earlier. It’s just as fast, but it can be faster depending on how well you handle it, and it is better suited for tying someone else’s tie. Watch the video several times, follow it and you can record it.

How to Tie a Tie in Less than 10 Seconds – Quick and Easy | Youtube


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