Best Dried Fettuccine Eat When You Need an Urgent Dinner

Fresh pasta is unbeatable, but it’s a good idea to keep a few boxes of dried foods on hand for a quick bite to eat on weekdays. Fettuccine makes a hearty, comforting dinner, and Cook’s Illustrated has found the perfect box for you. (Spoiler alert: All brands tested were pretty good!)

According to Cook’s Illustrated, ideal fettuccine noodles exhibit “a clean taste and easy chewiness.” Four major brands were tested, and competitors were brewing al dente to perfection, then preparing two different tasting methods: drizzle with canola oil and drizzle with butter and parmesan. All four brands performed well (click the link below to see full results), but the top brand was Garofalo Fettucce, appreciated for its “wide, fat noodles” that “were firm and firm with just the right amount of chew.” “

Can’t find this particular brand? Do not worry. According to the testers, “there were no bad noodles in the bundle.” The most important factor is how you prepare the noodles. Make sure you use a lot of salted water, stir frequently to prevent sticking, and taste using the cooking times on the package as a “rough guide”.

Which fettuccine to buy? | Illustrated chef


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