Ask the Expert: Everything About Updating Vegetarian Meal Plans

If you’ve recently decided to choose purely vegetarian or vegan food, learning how to cook all of your favorite meals without animal products can be a real culinary obstacle. But changing a plant-based lifestyle can be fun and easy with a little meal planning.

Alexis Fox and Mika Risk, co-founders of Lighter, help us discover simple recipes that anyone can come up with. Lighter is a new site that helps you maintain a healthy diet by providing you with healthy food lists and recipes to use to prepare a variety of vegan dishes. Whether you’re looking to eat healthier foods or stick to sustainability principles, Alexis and Mika can give you tips on how to easily plan your meals. They’ll be here within the next hour, so leave a question below!

Update: These questions and answers have come to an end – thanks for your questions!


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