Wonder.fm Introduces You to Great New Music Chosen by Music Lovers

Internet / Android / iOS: Many services try to predict the music you will like using algorithms, and others have a completely human approach, but Wonder.fm combines both in a visually beautiful way. The result is a web app where you can sit and watch live streams all day, and mobile apps that run anywhere. Best of all, it’s all free.

The team behind Wonder (and its offshoots, the electronic music-focused Primary site and the White Label hip-hop site, both available on the sidebar in Wonder), explained that they use algorithms and technologies to find out which recently released songs and artists are popular in music. blogs on the internet and then an actual guide by people to pick the best of these new songs and post them at the top of their homepages.

The end result is that you can hear the best new music from independent artists and small producers first before they hit the big sites, and you can download and support their music right away as well. What’s more, it means you will get to know some great new music that you may have never heard from musicians you are not familiar with, so that you always have something fresh and interesting to listen to. Follow the links below to give it a try.

Wonder.fm Wonder (Free) | iTunes App Store Wonder (Free) | Google games


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