The Traits That Make up an Existential Crisis

We have all heard this phrase and feel it from time to time , but what is an existential crisis? According to this School of Life video, it includes several identifiable traits.

The school of life describes an existential crisis as “a period when much that previously seemed common sense or normal reveals its accident, chance, supernatural and relativity.” In other words, you start to wonder why your own situation is the way it is – why you live in a particular part of the world, why you follow a set of social norms, why you have a job to do.

This may seem like a “first world” problem, but as we said earlier, first world problems still occur , and if you question your situation, you can realize that you have options and that can be liberating.

However, the video indicates that the existential crisis is also worrying. “Recognition of our freedom does not bring comfort – quite the opposite. We understand that we were wrong about what “should” be. ” You also become aware of your mortality and realize that your time is limited. The School of Life continues:

… that we have many options, but by the nature of human existence we are deprived of the information we need to make choices with absolute wisdom or certainty. We are forced to make a decision, but we can never be sure that we did it properly. We were driving blind. This means that we can be guaranteed to make many mistakes.

This all sounds very dark and gloomy, but the good news is that understanding this phenomenon will help you cope with it. It also helps you feel less lonely, which is reassuring when you are anxious about living the right life and making the right decisions. As the video says, “A life without regrets exists only in movies and songs.”

Our very own Patrick Allen has written a detailed guide on what he has learned first hand, and watch the video below for more details.

What is an existential crisis? | School of Life


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