Relay Creates Custom Maps for Your Vacation

iOS: Figuring out the order in which to visit museums, historic sites, and restaurants on each day of your vacation can be tricky. Besides not knowing the city, you have to consider distance, hours, breaks, and more. Relay makes things easy with customizable maps that show exactly where everything is so you can see the best entry order.

Relay allows you to create multiple maps, so you can create one for each day of the trip, or plan multiple trips at a time. To try this app, I have planned a day of sightseeing in Rome. I added whatever I wanted to see without worrying about order. As shown in the image above, my list of points of interest (left) is in a different order than my map (center) because I reordered them as soon as I saw where they are in relation to each other. This is the part of Relay that I find most useful: you can add what you want to see and it shows you where everything is, as well as other useful information such as address, phone number, and website. You can then easily shuffle your stops to move in an order that minimizes the distance you travel.

You also have a notes section for each stop on your list, where you can add tips such as how to get around a long ticket line or try certain foods. Relay cards can be used for both pre-departure planning and reference during your actual trip. I made a different map for each day of my trip so that I can quickly and clearly see each day where I was, where I am going and how much I have left between stops (knowing that your next stop is just ten minutes further can be a good motivator for tired feet). Instead of fiddling with a guidebook or a printed map, I can just open Relay to stay organized. Relay also lets you create a map and share it with a friend, which comes in handy when you’re traveling with a group or giving travel advice.

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