Why Most Generic Brands Aren’t All That Different From Name Brands

If you’re looking to save some money at the grocery store, you’ve probably heard that you should buy a generic one . Nevertheless, this psychological barrier exists, he constantly swears that the brand name is tastier. This video explains why this is probably not the case.

As explained in the video above from ASAP Science, most of the generic food brands come from the same source as their counterparts. Even if they differ slightly, the changes are so minimal that it is difficult to tell the difference. In fact, the placebo effect, which we naturally suffer from seeing a label we feel is more valuable, may have a stronger effect on our tastes than actual differences.

The similarities are even more apparent when you are dealing with over-the-counter medications. The FDA requires them to be functionally identical to their brand counterparts. Thus, spending (sometimes significant) additional money on a brand name is useless. If you’re worried about a less efficient product, try the cheaper version.

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