Why a Complete Breakup Is the Best Way to End a Relationship

One of the greatest challenges in life is facing the reality of a dying relationship with someone you once loved and cared for and ending it all. But, as explained in this School of Life video, we only make it harder for both sides by postponing the inevitable by showing “kindness”.

The video explains that the main reason many relationships end badly is because people just don’t want to risk being hated, even if renewing the relationship is unfair and a waste of time for you and the other person. If this is the case, the easiest way to end a relationship is to dispel any hope that you have any lingering feelings.

There is no excuse for the delay. Do not think that you are doing someone a favor by stretching out how long he can persist in the good illusion that you want it.

Moreover, this “kindness” arises from the narcissistic desire to keep receiving love without giving it back. Easier said than done, of course, to have the courage to end the relationship, and it certainly doesn’t seem like a good thing or it ever gets easier. But to be really kind means to get out of the way and allow a person to live their life without false hopes.

How to end a relationship | School of Life


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