Focus on Your Areas of Growth, Rather Than Strengths, to Prepare for a Promotion

What qualifies you for a promotion? You can look forward to promotion based on seniority or employment for the most part. However, one sure-fire way to get noticed in a new position is to hone in on areas in which you can grow.

As tips site The Muse points out, you’re much more likely to get promoted if you’re ready to improve. After all, the skills you already have are the ones that got you to where you are now. If these skills were enough to take you to a higher position, you could enter that position when you were looking for a job to start. If you want to rise to a higher level than you are now, start looking for areas where you can improve.

Your boss will be much more impressed by your ability and desire to learn than by his selfishness and desire to improve his rank or status. You should strive to acquire skills and knowledge, not a new office or a better name. That doesn’t mean you won’t like these things – you are human after all – but they shouldn’t be your main motivation.

Self-improvement is almost always a better way to get a promotion than claiming that this is what you want. Seniority or status can play a role in some situations, but every company will want to hire and promote an employee who gets better over time. And if you work for a company that doesn’t, you might be better off with another company .

Your 5 Step Plan To Get A Promotion Without Asking About It | Muse


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