Verizon Increases Price and Size of Its Data Plans, Adds Several New Features

Verizon is releasing a new set of data plans for smartphones that increase the amount of data you receive and the price you pay for it.

Most of the new plans point to a price increase of at least 10%, but also include more data. For example, if you used to get 1 GB of data for $ 30, now you get 2 GB for $ 35. You can find a full breakdown of all the new prices in the chart above, but here are the main ones:

  • Small: Now $ 35 / month for 2GB (was $ 30 / month for 1GB)
  • Medium: Now $ 50 / month for 4GB (was $ 45 / month for 3GB)
  • Large: Now $ 70 / month for 8GB (was $ 60 / month for 6GB)
  • X-Large: Now $ 90 / month for 16GB (was $ 80 / month for 12GB)
  • XX-Large: Now $ 110 / month for 24GB (was $ 100 / month for 18GB)

In addition to price increases, each plan is getting several new features. Verizon now has a renewal plan called Carryover, which carries unused data to the next month. Safe Mode is also a new feature where you can choose a dedicated plan that will keep you capped instead of paying the surplus if you accidentally go to the highlighted data for a month. For some weird reason, you will need to pay $ 5 a month to be restricted unless you use the two largest plans.

The new plans are available to new and existing customers right now, although they are available to current customers.

Verizon is changing your wireless experience | Verizon


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