New Trulia Rental Close to Public Transport Maps for Rental Near Public Transport Stops

When you live in a big city, there are certain factors you need to consider, and public transport can be one of them. If you use public transport, you might want to live close to a station, and this new tool from Trulia lets you search accordingly.

The tool is currently available to renters in Boston, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington DC. Trulia has announced a “Close to Public Transport” feature that allows tenants to search for rental properties within 15 minutes’ walk of rapid transit.

In a press release, they said:

Rent Near Transit is a search filter that helps consumers find affordable rental options near Rapid Transit stations, making it easier for them to get from home to public transport so they can quickly access places of interest … Renters can compare average rental prices at the transport station, which enables them to better understand the market at a more local level. Prices are updated regularly to reflect market changes as they become available. As a result, Rent Near Transit saves tenants from having to switch between Trulia Rentals and their favorite card platform to find their next home.

To use it, you navigate to your desired city, then click on the desired station and Trulia will map out the nearest rental locations. Try the link below.

Rent near the metro | Trulia


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