Amount of Sunscreen to Use for Maximum Protection

Many of us have probably experienced squeezing out what we think might be too much sunscreen, and so we desperately try to smudge the excess on the nearest person or shove a little back into the bottle (no luck). As it turns out, we might actually need all of these … and more.

According to this Skin Cancer Foundation article , the general recommendation is 2 milligrams of sunscreen per square centimeter of skin . Simply put, this is about one ounce of sunscreen, or enough to fill one shot (or two tablespoons) . Moreover, you should set aside one “nickel-sized spoon” just for your face.

If you are using sunscreen without cream, such as a spray, apply enough until your skin has an even shine. The problem with sprays is that you can’t know for sure if you’ve used them enough. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using copious amounts but avoiding spraying directly on your face. If you need to use a facial spray, first apply the spray to your hands and then apply it to your face.

How much sunscreen should I put on my face and body? | Skin Cancer Foundation


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