Exercises You Can Do While Holding a Tied Child

Sometimes you just need to work out, but your child doesn’t want to leave you alone. Fortunately, a lot of exercise still works with the baby in the carrier. Think of your bundle of joy as a writhing weight vest.

Cosmopolitan highlights six exercises that are suitable for children of all ages, as long as you are comfortable with being overweight and you are confident that you have securely positioned your child. Then there are two more, which are only suitable for older children and for babies, since the child needs to keep his head in these movements.

Although they call it “postpartum” workout, the children in the video are almost two years old. As long as your child is still within the carrying weight limit (and, again, as long as you are comfortable exercising with their weight), these exercises can grow with them.

8 Exercises You Can Do While Holding Your Baby | Cosmopolitan


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