Annual Survival Guide for July 4th

Happy Birthday America! (and Happy Monday to everyone else!) Before you head off to your plans for July 4th, whether it’s lighting a grill, camping or lighting some pretty exploding powder kegs, let us help you stay safe, beat the heat and the crowds, and get more pleasure. Let’s start.

This year, July 4th falls on a Monday, so you only have 24 hours to relax and / or make the most of your vacation before it returns to work routines. With a time crisis like this, we may understand how hopeless it might seem, but fear not: Lifehacker is here! Here are some tips to help you dive into the holiday atmosphere.

This post was originally published in 2012 but was updated in 2016.

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Get rid of the heat and stay comfortable

I don’t know where you are, but it’s hot here in the US, so if you plan to leave the air conditioner try to keep cool, drink plenty of fluids, and keep your body temperature low. The last thing you want to do on your weekend is to suffer from heat exhaustion and go to work on Thursday. Here’s your basic checklist to keep from passing out while queuing at the grill or waiting for the big finish at the fireworks:

Here are some other ways to beat the heat:

Master the display of fireworks

In my old hometown of Washington, D.C., thousands of people will descend the National Mall to watch the fireworks display over the Washington Monument, and people will pile up shoulder to shoulder in the mall, sitting in camp chairs and stretching out on blankets to watch the action. show. Chances are it’s the same in your area – parks and parking lots covered with blankets and people wanting a better view. But this does not mean that you should be uncomfortable! You can still have a good time.

  • Chapter early: Obviously, the first way to beat crowds is to head out long before anyone else will. Take a day trip and head to a local park armed with picnic baskets of food, comfy camping chairs, blankets, and an array of iced drinks in the fridge. Get ready before noon and beat everyone.
  • Choose the Right Location : Depending on where you are, there may be several fireworks located quite close to each other. Check with your local news agency, they usually collect and host all of the nearby displays on their websites and see which ones are nearby. Then transfer this information to Google Maps and check the location before heading out. This way, you can see where the parking is, how big the parking lots or parks are, and even if there is a place nearby, it is better to watch the show without interacting with the crowd.
  • Make your own fireworks . Before doing anything else, make sure fireworks are legal in your state . Then read the instructions. Seriously, there is nothing wrong with multiple backyard fireworks as long as it is done safely and legally . If that limits you to sparklers, so be it, but a few rocket bottles and a few sparklers in your backyard or nearby open field can save you time and hassle if you use them safely . Bonus: you can bring your own food and there is no competition for a good place.
  • Stay Home : It might not be as fun as being outside and hearing the rumble and seeing the bright lights, but given the heat, the crowds, and the hustle and bustle, you might as well just stay home and watch the play on TV. We wouldn’t blame you.

But if you do go outside, don’t forget to take your photo! Taking good pictures of fireworks isn’t that hard, even if you only have a phone on the back. Here’s how:

Master your grill and cook delicious meals

Fireworks and outdoor activities are great, but if 4th of July is a great excuse for you to fire up the grill and treat all your friends and family to delicious grilled meats and vegetables, we are here (seriously, we’ll come.) Hope it’s not the first time you’ve lit your grill this summer, but even so, this is how you – and your guests – can walk away satiated and happy.

Need some more grilling tips to make your 4th of July dinner a memorable one? Try these on for size:

Hopefully you are now ready for a fantastic fourth result. Whatever you do, stay safe, have a good time and we will catch up on the 5th!


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