This Homemade Wooden Beer Carrier Even Has a Bottle Opener on the Side.

Instructables user Herbsko built this beautiful reusable whole nut beer container, which probably explains why it looks so good, but even if you don’t have one, it has everything you need to make your own – and attach the bottle opener to it as well.

You will definitely need a few power tools to do this, so this is not so much a project of “throwing away wood waste along with some of the things you have lying around” as “it looks great and is not that hard to do when I have parts.” … Here’s what he offers you:

Used tools:

  • Miter saw (can be replaced with a circular saw)
  • Band saw (for re-sawing stock)
  • Table saw (for rip sawing, can be replaced with a circular saw with a guide)
  • Electric drill
  • Puzzle
  • 18 gauge nailer (can be replaced with hammer and nails)

Necessary materials:

  • 6.5 “hardwood plank x 30” wide x 1 “deep (I chose walnut)
  • 3/4 inch nails
  • Wall-mounted bottle opener
  • Wood glue (I used DAP Rapid fuse wood glue)
  • Sandpaper
  • 1 “Forstner bit
  • Mineral oil

If you don’t have components or parts, a trip to a hardware store will fix you, although it may not be all at once. You may be able to get a piece for yourself, but you still have to put it all together – or, as Herbsko says, walk into your local hacking or manufacturing space. This is the perfect project for one, and he even offers one in his area .

After you have cut and prepared the wood, you need to nail it together, finish, and attach a bottle opener. He even used a CNC laser to engrave the name of his local manufacturing facility on the side, which we can definitely appreciate. Follow the link below to view the entire step-by-step guide.

Beer walnut | Instructables


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