Flamyngo Makes It Easy to Get Tips From Friends

iOS: If you’re going on vacation to somewhere your friends or family have already gone, it’s natural to ask what suggestions they have for where to go. This usually results in a mess of texts and letters from different people. Flamyngo is an app that makes things a little easier.

The idea is simple: you download the app and then ask your friends for advice on where to go. Flamyngo creates a link for your friend where they can enter place names. They don’t need to download the app to add their offers. This is a simple web form for the recipient, but on the other hand, you will receive a mini city guide with a map and descriptions. After creating a guide, you can also share this complete guide with other users. Even if you don’t use the sharing options, Flamyngo’s design is simple and straightforward, so creating city guides is useful in itself.

Flamyngo (free) | ITunes App Store


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